Deodara creative is a Manchester-based creative service provider offering unique and bespoke, multi-media packages to artists and organisations within the arts and media sectors and beyond. From the creation of standalone illustrative designs to the planning and execution of multi-faceted digital campaigns; we aim to meet the needs of any and all clients by offering an array of visual and editorial assets as well as marketing solutions and digital consultation. We strive to help actualise and convey brand and artist identity, while mindful of their integrity, their past achievements and future plans. Our services are dynamic and cost-effective and aim to add value and substance to your promotional activities and digital communications.

What we can offer you...

Illustrative design

Anything from bespoke poster and logo design to visual identity.

Creative writing

Short and long-form editorial, press releases, essays and profiles.

Video production

Production and editing for trailers, showreel, music videos and documentary shorts. 

Audio production

Multi-faceted audio services including recording, engineering and mastering; soundtracking and composition.


Shots for press, album artwork and digital platforms, editing and processing.

Digital marketing services

Anything from content creation and social media management to email marketing and SEO.

Playlist curation

Selections for public spaces, events, websites and artists and record labels

Looking for something else?

If there's another service you're looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we'll let you know we can do for you.

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