Our favourite mixes of 2017

We happened upon some fantastic mixes in 2017, each exploring a breadth of music and providing us with hours of musical exploration. Here are an assortment of the ones that had us jumping for joy.

DJ Hectik - Al Shark mix

Fortuna records release a wide array of Middle Eastern music and their Al Shark mix, assembled by DJ Hectik, was a firm favourite for us in 2017. With contemporary audio reinforcement augmenting traditional string and percussive elements; it features tracks which place Persian santur and 808 drum programming within the same audio plane! Check it out on SoundCloud, where you can also download the full mix.

Danny Scrilla - Radar Radio guest mix

The dark atmospherics and frenetic rhythms of Danny Scrilla's dubstep/UK bass mix for Radar Radio had us absorbed from the outset. As the mix gently warms, Scrilla takes us away from the darker atmospheric toward technicolour bass music spheres. An amazing 45 minute set from Scrilla!

Mr Scruff & Jamie 3:26 - Keep it Unreal 18th birthday party

Mr Scruff excels at shepherding dancefloors through five-hour musical excursions. He also shines brightly when back-to-back with a musical peer. Keep it Unreal is his Greater Manchester residency and in July, it celebrated its 18th birthday, with the veteran DJ inviting Detroit's Jamie 3:26 to join him for the party. The mix is less eclectic than other Scruff sets, focussed more on house, disco, funk and soul than jazz, reggae and African music - but it captures a great side to both selectors and demonstrates how Mr Scruff respects and responds the strengths of his guests. It's six hours of feel good, celebratory music to move a club crowd and retrospective listener alike.

Joshua French