Illustrative design


Acoustic session for Clive Gregson & Liz Simcock's Everybody - shot, produced and edited by Josh of Deodara Creative.

Belle Sonder - Spine (Joshua French industrial funk rework). Audio production, visual direction, shoot and edit by Josh of Deodara Creative.


Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet - 'Jersey' review

For EZH Magazine. September 2017. 

Q&A with Frank Bull of Tape Mag/V-o-D

For The Wire. April 2018.

Ones to Watch article

For Band on the Wall. December 2017.

Audio production

Music to accompany digital landscapes within the Northumberland National Park.

Physical artwork


Playlist curation

Single shot: gentle moods for a mellow café

A playlist of lesser intensity, breezing gently through Brazilian fusion, calming surf soundtracks, mellow indie-rock and laid-back soul and reggae. For a peaceful coffee house to accompany the caffeine fix.

Double shot: energy injections for when café turns micro-club

When darkness encroaches and the tables are pushed back, this selection of footwork, balearic house, 2-step and RnB will provide a nice transition from gentle groove to danceable beat, without upstaging the DJ.

Factory shadow: sounds on the industrial fringes

Think of 'Factory' and you may recall the music of Tony Wilson's Greater Manchester label or even a wider array of industrially-influenced post-punk, cold wave and electronic music. This playlist is a dedication to all of that: the grit, the programmed grooves and the clamourous noise!

Peace & Love in the ghetto: '70s roots, culture and dub

Sounds from the streets of Jamaica and Britain. Lyrics of love and pain, peace and enlightenment. Powerful bass, drums in the pocket, keys and rhythm guitar chiming left and right. Dub masters colouring the mix with splashes of delay and genius arrangements. Perfection!

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